Séverine CADIER

I was born in 1966 and lived in Paris for 25 years before moving to the outskirts of the city.
I have been making ceramics since 1992.

Being interested in botanics, I observe the infinite varieties of seeds. For the past 15 years, I have been working on this very theme. 

My aim is to transmit my love of the plants through the finished object. I want to surprise the observer with an exceptional and beautiful piece, familiar but odd by the size.
Vegetable kingdom surrounds us, despite our city way of life ; it grows in the crack of a sidewalk, we breathe the air given by trees, we feel peaceful in the parks. Our soul needs wild nature. We are a part of it. I’d like my sculptures to forward that. One species among the others, predatory but nevertheless fragile.
Fragile like a seed, small but powerful. Living for a few years, full of endless possibilities.
In French, we have the same word “terre” for earth, clay and soil !
My keen interest for seeds includes gardening, the Earth and clay moulding.
I can feel in my hands the primitive matter of our planet which allows to grow the seeds.
After a long observation and understanding of the seed or vegetable object, the shape appears between my fingers.
Plants grow from within: they create their matter as their cells divide.
Just what is needed emerges just where it's needed. Through genetic determinism and a few other influences. When sculpting you necessarily distort matter, you stretch it, add or remove pieces, in short, the action is external to the object.
You are just tinkering with things. How can one find one's bearing and impart the energy and meaning of form?
My work of art is very symbolical, suggesting life and death : the seed has to die for the plant to live. The grain that feeds us has an important economical and ecological issue.
My sculpture try to bring us back to simple values : what are we ?
And where is the beauty in our modern world ?
What are we seeking ?