Séverine CADIER

I was born in 1966 and lived in Paris for 25 years before moving to the outskirts of thecity. I have been making ceramics since 1992.
With my two children, in the garden, we are constantely amazed at the seeds we find everywhere, we fellow their germination and we grow flowers and vegetables.

Being interested in botanics, I observe the infinite varieties of seeds. For the past three years, I have been working on this very theme of seeds because of their strong symbolic value.


All the pieces I make, moulding clay, are unique .
Looking for shapes does not mean that I am trying to get as close as possible to the plant model but I do try to convey the subjective impression and emotions that I derive from every part of a plant in its perfection : every living thing has been evolving for millions of years to adapt to his environment and to survive. It goes on evolving, slowly, slower than the environment, unfortunately. Many disappear but, for the moment, that's how it is.
Once moulded,sculpted, seeds are frozen in their evolution.

But they cling to life, nothing prevents them from germinating in the crack of a sidewalk, after a fire, on industrial garbage heaps (perhaps I am exagerating), against all odds.

Technical difficulties

Plants grow from within.: they create their mattter as their cells divide.
Just what is needed emerges just where it's needed. Through genetic determinism and a few other influences. When sculpting you necessarily distort matterl,you stretch it, add or remove pieces, in short, the action is external to the object.
You are just tinkering with things. How can one find one's bearing and impart the energy and meaning of form?
( at least in part )
I don't know. This may happen while you are working on the object and by relaxing you grip, sometimes it may all of a sudden take a shape between my fingers as it there were an exchange with the matter. Then the finished object retains a trace of the time spent with it and does not reflect the outcome of a project.
Sometimes too it does not work out.Then the object is worthless.


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